PDF Merger Mac

How to Use PDF Merger Mac

Quick Start
How to Adjust the order of PDF files
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Quick Start

Merge PDF Step 1 - Add PDF Files

Click "Add" button or drag and drop your PDF documents onto the application to add PDF files.

Merge PDF Step 2 - Choose Output PDF Filename and Path

Click "Combine PDFs to" button to select the output path and filename. The merged PDF file will be saved to the path/folder you set.

Merge PDF Step 3 - Start Merging PDF

Click "Start Now" button to start merging. You can check the merging progress on the progress bar.

Merge PDF Step 1 Merge PDF Step 2 Merge PDF Step 3

How to Adjust the Order of PDF Files

If you got a lot of PDF files in the file list, you may want to reorder the PDF files to get the correct PDF page sequence.

You can use the "Move Up" and "Move Down" button to adjust the PDF order. Also, you can drag one PDF file to move up and down.

If you want to clear the file list, simply click on "Clear" button.

Merge PDF Step 3

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What's the system requirement of PDF Merger Mac?

PDF Merger Mac ruquires that the OS X version is 10.8 or later.

Why I got a message said "You have one or more encrypted PDF files" ?

That means some of your PDF documents are protected by user or owner password, so PDF Merger Mac cannot merge them. Please remove the password first and then try merging those PDF files.

If you need to remove the password, please visit PDF Password Remover.