PDF Merger Mac

PDF Merger Mac - Mac OS X Application

What is PDF Merger Mac

Whether you work in the corporate world or a start up, there is no getting around the business world without needing to view a PDF file. PDF files are the most file type exchanged in ibusiness today. However, editing PDFs can be difficult. Often, most business people don't need to edit the content. They need to combine multiple files into a single document.

With the PDF Merger Mac, business professionals can merge several PDF documents into a single PDF file quickly and easily using this tiny Mac OS X application. The PDF Merger Mac keeps the original formatting, page size and page orientation so you can quickly and easily combine everything into a single file. PDF Merger Mac also allows you to reorganize individual pages in the PDF sequence by the UP and DOWN buttons. This means you have more flexibility in how pages are combined and organized before sending the file to a coworker, a business partner, or a potential investor.

The PDF Merger Mac gives you digital control over presentations you are sending in a PDF format. You can quickly merge tons of files in just a few clicks of your mouse. The best part is the PDF Merger Mac is very handy! Download this application for your Mac today and start merging and organizing thousands of PDF pages instantly

- Merge 1,000+ PDF Files in few seconds
- Keep original page size, orientation and formatting
- Allow users to adjust the PDF merging order
- 100% Spyware/Adware Clean

Using the PDF Merger Mac is as simple as 1 - 2 - 3:

1.Click "Add" button or drag and drop your PDF documents onto the application to add PDF files.
2.Click "Combine PDFs to" button to select an output path.
3.Click "Start Now" button to start merging.