PDF Merger Mac

How to Combine PDF Files On Mac

Are you tired of having to browse through multiple PDF files? We've all been there. However, with PDF Merger Mac, you no longer have to put yourself through this torture. A few clicks - that's all it takes before you can enjoy all your PDF documents in a single, composite file.

Please download only the legitimate version from the official download link. Too many adware programs are available online, which promise to carry out these functions but wind up leaving your Mac's security compromised. Safety and privacy are considered to be of paramount importance by the PDF Merger Mac team. The tool has been designed keeping these aspects in mind.

How Do I Combine PDF Files on Mac with PDF Merger Mac

It's really simple - All you have to do is follow these steps:

combine PDF Step 1 combine PDF Step 2 combine PDF Step 3

Step 1: Add the PDF Files

Click on the Add button on the application screen. It'll throw up a pop-up, from where you can select your PDF. You can also add multiple files, numbering in hundreds, without a worry.

Step 2: Adjust the PDF File Order

If you've made a mistake in selecting the files the first time around, there's no need to panic! Simply select the file and click on the Move Up or Move Down button. The file will change position accordingly.

Adjust the file order before combining PDFs

Step 3: Select the Output Destination and File Name

Highlighted in blue is the Combine PDFs To button. Simply click on it and you'll be prompted to choose the file name and the output destination where the combined file is to be stored.

Step 4: Start Merging!

Click on the Start Now button to initiate the PDF combining. A progress bar is also available, from which you can track the PDF file combining proceedings.

And There You Go! Wasn't that quite simple? Now, every time you receive a huge batch of PDF files to be read, simply combine them all using this helpful tool and speed up the process!

Features That'll Make You Love the PDF Merger Mac Tool

Retention of Original PDF Formatting

Most PDF combiner programs in the market are notorious for completely changing the look of the PDF. Not with this tool though. All original formatting, page orientation and page size details are retained in the combined document.

Combine Thousands of PDFs in a Matter of Seconds

You heard it right! Over a thousand PDFs can be converted in a single go, vastly simplifying combining requirements. You no longer have to worry about long waiting periods either! The tool wraps up the combining in seconds, saving your precious time.

Reorder Files in Desired Order

If you ever wind uploading the files in the wrong order inadvertently, there's a solution for that as well. This function is a true lifesaver, helping you rectify your errors instantly.

No Annoying Adware/Spyware Programs

Programs downloaded off the Internet are often filled with malicious programs, trying to steal your personal data, credit card info or install dangerous code that can compromise your privacy. However, PDF Merger Mac is 100% safe to use and completely clean.

Download PDF Merger Mac

If you want to combine PDF files on Windows, please check PDF Combine which is a PDF Merger software tool for Windows.